Learn to Play the Guitar with Colin
"I have more than fifteen years experience teaching guitar, music theory and songwriting. I've also taught group guitar lessons (3-5 students) and led a songwriters' class for beginners.

I work to cater each lesson plan to the individual students' interest and abilities, and make it fun. Music and music education should certainly be a joyful, positive experience. I've found that if a student isn't seeing the lesson taking experience as fun or can't relate to the material on some level, the student usually does not last long.

I understand that each student is motivated differently and that in order to be the best possible teacher I work to determine the student's unique motivation and interests and then to tailor each lesson accordingly.

For beginners, I stress the importance of reading music and use method books to do so (Mel Bay Guitar Method for younger students that have never read music and Berklee Guitar Method for individuals with some reading experience). Students will learn chords right from the beginning to engage them in music that they connect with. I begin scales within the first few lessons as well as teach them songs that they enjoy and want to play in addition to some important classics that they can build on as their skill level improves. I also try to get the students to sing along with their playing from the beginning. For some students the ultimate goal is that the guitar be their accompanying instrument.

I aim to bring the best forward in each of my students and my hope is that my passion for music is contagious

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